V.A./send my badge! -bluebadge compilation CD vol.1-
◇ \2000(without tax) ◇ 2002/04/10 on sale ◇ bbcd-001 ◇ limited 1000 ◇
01.スパゲッティ バビューン! / Chocolate Song [audio♪]
02.Slight Return / Permanent Vacation
03.pastelshot / Walk or not
04.mary's 9th cut / space boy wish [audio♪]
05.エレキベース / fall gilbert
06.cyclon 86 / Distant Sky [audio♪]
07.Sonic Coaster Pop / f.e.m.(harmonic cycle mix)
08.Camera Works / Crumble
09.Toy's murmur / 午後パリ
10.ペクセルズ / Happy Cause' I'm going home [audio♪]
11.soft parade / (baby please)take me now
12.the cartoon characters / And Your Smile
13.PETSET / nostalgia for the sky
14.floor / like a sort of illusion
15.roly poly rag bear / the melody goes on
16.crawl babies / Picture of the birthday [audio♪]
17.ozone crutch / French Letter
18.camembert / L'odeur de la mer

※floorの曲名がCDでは"Amsterdam"と表記されていますが、 実際には"like a sort of illusion"という曲名です。