spaghetti vabune! / summer vacation, sunset vehicle
◇ \1,800(without tax) ◇ 2003/04/23 on sale! ◇ bbcd-004 ◇
01.chocolate song
02.pastel popcorn spring day 【mp3】 summer summary 【mp3】
04.favorite song 【mp3】
06.lesson1 -intermission-
07.pineapple shirts! 【mp3】
08.cherokee 【mp3】
10.three 【mp3】
11.jetset star

神戸の6人組ギターポップバンド、スパゲッティ・バビューン! 待望のファーストフルアルバムが遂に完成!
ほろ苦いチョコレートの甘さに溶けてゆく想いと、 胸の奥がキラキラとはじけるようなカラフルなポップ・ソングに、


☆comment are...

spaghetti vabune! is like a joyous ride through carnaby street
tokyo circa 1966 on top of a white open topped bus

a cosmpolitan cartoon psychedelic montage,
their album is an essay in thinking person's modern popular music
and a bolero in a world of stetsons

Mike Alway ( el graphic )

Spaghetti Vabune continues to share with us their wealth of jangly pop
textures on this sparkling new release! This is POP music for theirs, ours,
and the new generation!!! GO VABUNE!

Brent Kenji ( ex.the fairways )